Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Beauty Part One Chat Tomorrow

We refuse to be each other.
H.J. Blackham
Hello, friends! Exciting news: tomorrow is our first chat on Zadie Smith's On Beauty! According to our schedule, our first chat will discuss the first part of the book, "Kipps and Belsey," which is the first 125 pages of my paperback edition.

So, if you're going to participate in tomorrow's chat, RSVP in the comments and send me your Gmail address (if we aren't already Gchat contacts). Our Gchat will commence at 6:30 pm Pacific time tomorrow, Wednesday, July 14th. We look forward to tomorrow's discussion!

Also, it's not too late to add preliminary comments on part one to CC's post from last week. This is also a great place for people to participate if they cannot make one of our chats. And, click here for our full reading schedule for On Beauty.


  1. I'm RSVP'ing! (My email is iamslai@gmail for le chat)...I just finished reading the section about 2 minutes ago and I thought it was intriguing...mmm excited for chat!

  2. I will be there still have some reading to do

  3. Since I missed the last one I should say I will be there and my email at gmail is pagemaster.