Friday, July 23, 2010

On Beauty, The Anatomy Lesson chat

Well it looks like the anatomy lesson chat will be rescheduled to Sunday (7/25) afternoon, 3pm PST.

Unfortunately, there was no time that fit everyones convenience, but hopefully those who can't make this chat will be available for the third (and final) chat for On Beauty:
on beauty and being wrong
chat: Saturday August 7 at 11am

I hope those who were struggling with kipps and belsey have found the the anatomy lesson more enjoyable.

I am really enjoying the read and I look forward to discussing it. If you can't make the chat, feel free to post your thoughts here. To get it started, let me share with you what comes to mind when Howard opens his mouth: "oh no he didn't!" Particularly, after he speaks of the woman he married on page 207.

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