Wednesday, July 7, 2010

kipps and belsey, pt 1

Let's get some first impressions of On Beauty.

What are people's initials thoughts about the book? How do you like the story, the characters, and the writing?


  1. Kiki to her husband Howard, page 15 (in my version of the book, anyways)
    "You know what's weird? Is that you can get someone who is a professor of one thing and then is just so intensely stupid anout everything else?"
    I loved this, and the proceeding conversation/argument between Kiki and Howard about the exact opposite happening. I really appreciate how real the characters are and how easily I can transpot myself into the story because the situations are so relatable. This was just the first instance where I found myself eading the book and I thinking, "I can totally relate" or "I've totally been there." The Belsey's could easily be a real family, and I like having that sense of reality in a book of fiction.

  2. I do not like Howard. When he reads of the engagement in an email, he flies to another continent and talks to a complete stranger about how to stop it. Howard was willing to do anything except talk to his son to stop an engagement that was more his son's business than his. That is just the first 42 pages; I disliked him more as details of personality and affair came out.

    The writing is easy to read and flows well.