Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book 2- On Beauty

Welcome friends!

Sorry if you couldn't make the first chat, if you'd like we can publish a google doc with some of the chat that way those who didn't make it can see what we discussed.

Now for book number 2...

We have decided to go with a bigger book and a contemporary piece. The book is On Beauty by Zadie Smith. We will begin reading on July 4th (this way you have time to get the book), and will take 5 weeks to read it (~90 pages a week) ending on August 7.

Because the book is so large, we have decided to have 2 chats. One chat will be Wednesday July 21 at 6:30pm and it will cover the first part of the book. The second/final chat will be Saturday August 7 at 11am.

Later this week Amanda Esq or I will post a schedule that tells which chapters should be read each week. Then, each week we will have a post go up where people can comment on the stuff from the previous week. This way there is a regular discussion and if anyone is unable to make a chat, they can always make the blog discussions :)

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