Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Prince and other general info

Welcome (future official name) book club members. This is for all those reading the current text (The Prince by Machiavelli) or anyone who just wants to listen to people talk about said text.

I am Cindy, but you can call me cc.

Amanda Esq and I have discussed different possibilities of how to make this long distance book discussion work and for this first round we have decided to have two discussion forums, 1) this blog post and 2) a (skype) group chat to follow.

Now, let me explain to you what those forums will look like

1) To start off, please add a comment to this post. In the post include:
a) your name and brief introduction
b) any comments about The Prince or anything you would especially like us to discuss in the future chat
c) the best time this Saturday, Sunday, or Monday for you to partake in said chat (in Pacific time, please). Keep in mind that Amanda and I will try to choose a time that works best for the majority.
d) suggestions for a group name

Feel free to comment to others and use this to get to know each other.

In the future we will have a blog specific to the book club, but until we have a name Amanda Esq and I didn't want to get one started.

2) As for the chat, this allows us an opportunity to discuss in greater detail. Anything mentioned on this blog (read b) above) will be discussed, and then some.

This first time around we will be trying different things to see what works and what doesn't. Please hang in there with us as we try and make this the best it can be.

Ok, now get to posting!


  1. a) I am cc. I started this group because I have never been good at reading for fun and that saddens me.
    b) I found the book deceptively big and I am not gonna lie, I considered checking out spark notes.
    c) Early Saturday is ideal for me, anytime from 6am-2pm
    d) ...

  2. a. I am Amanda Esq. I jumped on CC's bandwagon because I love to read, but haven't read a book for pleasure in far too long. I majored in 20th century literature, but I like to read everything.
    b. I confess that I haven't finished the book yet, but, generally speaking, I would like to discuss what we think of Machiavelli's proposal, that the greatest morality is a stable state. Do the ends justify the means?
    c. Anytime Saturday would be ideal.
    d. I'm still thinking about a name. Actually... wait, that might work! Still Thinking. As in, we've graduated from undergrad, but are still engaged in intellectual pursuits?

  3. oh, I like that. See, I knew you'd come up with something. Still Thinking

  4. a) I am Carla and since we can't have two CC and we already have Amanda Esq. I will just be Carla. I joined for the time being so to have something to do on my short summer vacation and further my knowledge outside of medicine. I will try to read the rest of the books as my schedule allows.
    b) I to haven't finished the book, but today is lovely outside so I plan to do lots of reading. (I am also reading HP VII for the 2nd time) I might have more once I finish.
    c) Saturday before 7pm works for me. Also Sunday 12 pm-8pm should work.
    d) I like Amanda Esq. suggestion of Still Thinking

  5. a) I'm Matthew. I'm here because I read about this on Amanda's blog. I met Amanda during my semester studying abroad at Berkeley (I'm back in the US now, at MIT for grad school).
    b) I found the book less controversial than I expected. I thought most of what he had to say was realistic; it tended to be about how to achieve a particular goal more than what one's goals should be. I did think there were a few times he tries to make a point that isn't really there.
    c) Saturday between 5 am and 8 pm would be good for me.
    d) I also like Amanda's suggestion.

  6. a) Hello all! I am Shauna and I am here because I found out about this book club through Amanda's blog and I think I should start reading for fun now that I have graduated. I know Amanda from UC Berkeley, where we were both involved at Newman Hall! I have not really read for myself for 4 years, because I have just been exhausted with the assigned reading at Berkeley...
    b)I have also not quite finished reading the Prince, but so far I have found its message pretty enticing, but when looked at objectively seems like a bad idea.
    c)I can not do Saturday at all, but Sunday would work best!
    d) I like Amanda's name for the club but here is two more: As the Pages Turn or At Book's End

  7. a) I'm Chris Carr. You can call me by my full name, if you like, because that's what people have done since middle and high school. I've know Amanda through our time at Berkeley for about the past five years and I think this book club will be a good opportunity for me to be exposed to texts I might not have considered reading on my own. Looking forward to it!

    b) I won't be able to actually join in the conversation for The Prince because I have been getting settled back in my native San Diego for the past week + ... I will be eagerly awaiting the announcement for what is next on the reading docket though! Sorry for not being able to contribute this weekend.

    c) I won't take part in this weekend's skype session, but generally Saturdays between 10am and 5pm or Sundays between noon and 6pm are best. I'm pretty flexible about this though.

    d) I couldn't top the suggested names if I tried. And I did try haha ... I like either Still Thinking or Shauna's first suggestion.