Friday, June 25, 2010

The Prince chat

So this week has been kind of crazy. Illness has taken me down. Sorry it is Friday and we haven't announced a time.
I propose we schedule a chat for next week because: 1) it sounds like many people have not finished the book (myself included) 2) because it is kind of last minute to expect people to be available this weekend at an as of yet unannounced time.

Here are some possible times, please rank them in order of what you prefer. Please note the hour and a half time is only a suggestion, it may be less or it may be more, but feel free to duck out at anytime if you need to.

a) Saturday July 3: 7:30am-9am
b) Saturday July 3: 11am-1:30pm
c) Saturday July 3: 3-4:30pm

I know that Chris Carr (wow, three CC's in one place) said that he can't do Saturday, but since next Sunday is July 4th, I am going to recommend a couple times during the week.
d) Tuesday June 29: 6:30-8pm
e) Friday July 2: 7-8:30pm

Please check back here regularly as we figure stuff out.


  1. d, e, I can't say if for sure I won't have to work on Saturday and probably won't know until Wednesday, but if I don't abc.

  2. If you decide on d, I'll see what I can do: I'll be away from home but I believe my hotel has free wireless internet.