Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Thirteen Poll and 'The House of God' Chat Reminder

The poll is up for book thirteen, check it out to the right. You can only vote once, and this is to determine the book we will read for the month of February. Keep that in mind when you vote for the book. Remember the books that do not make the vote this month will be options for future months.

Voting ends Sunday, January 29 at 4PM PST so make sure you vote!

A reminder: the chat for Book Twelve, The House of God is Sunday at 4PM PST so be sure to join us whether you have finished the book, haven't picked it up, or anywhere in between.

Last note, I added a new page to the blog, Books Completed, where you can look up all the books we have read together thus far. The the page link is on the right, beneath the book thirteen poll.

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  1. Oooh, I like all the organization that you did! I went back and tidied up the tags on my blog a few months ago, and it made me happy.