Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clueless Emma Chat Approaches

Fall has started, which means September is almost over and our early October chat is just around the corner.

How are we doing? Finished? Almost finished? Almost started?

Is everyone able to secure a copy of the film so we can watch it as a group?

Let us know where you are at in the book, when you are available to chat, and whether you prefer to participate in
a) 1 "long" movie watching / book discussing chat
b) 2 separate chats: first about the book (before watching the movie), and a second about the movie (after watching the movie) - these chats can be on different days, over different weekends.
c) 1 "short" chat where we discuss the movie and book together, after both are complete.

So many choices, pick the one that works the best for you schedule. But please be as flexible as possible since we are working with many different schedules, and different time zones.


  1. Almost started. My two other book clubs are meeting this Friday and the following Monday, so I should be able to complete Emma soon after that.

    I'm traveling to Honolulu for work Oct. 9-14, but I would be available for a chat the weekends of Oct. 4-6 or 18-20. I especially like Sunday afternoons/early evenings, but would likely be able to make other times work as well.

    I like the idea of (a) best, but depending on schedules, (c) would be my next choice. Clueless is available on Netflix, yay!

  2. I am free the afternoon/evening of the 5th, 12th and 19th. I am also free the 6th and 20th. Not sure about the last weekend yet haven't gotten that call schedule.
    I prefer choice (a) time permitting. I also would rather do after the 6th since I should be studying for Step III (last test before I get my license).
    I am about 25% of the way through the book. Another reason I would prefer a little more time to read the rest of the book.
    Also I thought I wrote a comment yesterday humph.

  3. I too think a) or c). It looks like the 20th would perhaps work best (works for me!). I would prefer afternoon over evening, but I can do that too. I, uh, haven't started yet, but I will be able to be done by the 20th :)