Sunday, August 18, 2013

Emma by Jane Austen

We had a fun discussion on Hans Christian Andersen'sThe Little Mermaid today, and have decided on our next book/movie combo. Next up, we will read Jane Austen's Emma (which is available for free in the Kindle store, and here for those who don't want to go through Amazon) and we will follow it up with the mid-90's film, loosely based on the text, Clueless. Clueless is available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

I'm super excited to combine two of my favorite things, Jane Austen and 90's nostalgia, and hopefully you are too.

Since August is now over half finished, this will be an August/September read, and we are currently planning for an early October chat. Mark your calendars, and talk to you then!

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  1. Brilliant selection! I received a handsome copy of Emma from a dear friend that I've been wanting to reread. Check out the beautiful cover: