Friday, March 8, 2013

March: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The votes are in and The Help by Kathryn Stockett is your pick for our March book/movie combo.

Please remember you can always add new suggestions to our book list by submitting requests here. There is no limit and for now I have no plans to close this form, so feel free to send as many requests as you want and whenever you want.

As for our March chat, it has been suggested that we consider having a longer chat or perhaps having two separate chats, the first chat discussing the book and then a follow up chat discussing the movie.

A Longer Chat? 2-3 hours (depending on if we decide to watch the film as part of the chat)
Since we are discussing two things, it might be better if we allowed more time to fully examine the two pieces. We could also have this as an option to watch the movie together and discuss as we watch.

Two Separate Chats? Each chat about 1 hour
With the separate chats, I imagine the first chat happening after reading the book, before watching the movie, and discussing initial thoughts of the book, maybe even discuss what we want to see in the movie. The follow-up chat would be post movie viewing and we can examine how the movie differed (good or bad) from the book and what we liked/disliked about the film compared to the book.

Which do you prefer for March: a longer chat or two separate chats? Let us know in the comments.

Available dates for chat: March 21-25 or March 28-April 1


  1. I like the idea of discussing while we watch the movie. I'm down for having two chats, if that makes things easier. Could do a first chat just about the book, and then a second chat during a viewing of the movie?

  2. I like Amanda's idea. If that doesn't work out for people, I like 2 chats, one after reading and one after viewing.

    I have April 1st off, so that day would work best for me as the movie viewing chat, anytime in the afternoon/evening. As for the reading chat, evening/late afternoon that weekend would work, except 6-9pm on Sunday (dinner with the fam). Well, actually that weekend is Easter, so I'm not sure what my family's plans are. But Monday the 1st is def good.

    1. Weekdays are really hard for me, and definitely not ideal. I would prefer Sunday or Saturday.

      How much time we we want between chats? Do we want the chats on different weekends, or back to back like Sunday/Monday of one weekend?

  3. So I will be on vacation starting the 1st but, I am not sure how free I will be. I would be down for whatever works. If we watch the movie I would prefer to watch earlier in the day. I Just have to round on the weekends from ~7-10, this weekend and next. Then I will be on vacation for a week and then my schedule in April gets to be a lot more busy but I have the weekend of the 20th off and I am on nights the next weekend. I read the book earlier this year so I am not going to re-read the book, but I would like to watch the movie and discuss.