Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hunger Games

Hello friends,

September is falling into October so rapidly, it seems unreal. Since October is just around the corner, I wanted to see how everyone is doing with Hunger Games. Will you be ready chat the first week of October or do you need more time?

I have finished the book, so I would love if we could arrange a chat for the weekend of October 8. Please let me know what your status is, besides where you are in the book if you are reading it, it would also be nice to know if you are sitting this one out? I'd like to know how many people are still interested in the club because that will greatly influence how we choose our next book.

Let me know your status on the book soon, and if you can make a chat for the weekend of October 8. We can settle on date and time at a later date.



  1. That weekend will work for me! I'm not terribly far into the book, but I have three hours of train rides each day for reading, so I know I'll finish it in time. (Recently, I've become obsessed with A Game of Thrones, for what it's worth--anyone else into the series?)

  2. I finished the book the other night. I will be ready for a chat that weekend. I kind of want to read the next book in the series as well.