Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Seven: Devil In The White City

Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is our next read!

If your favorite didn't make the pick this time, just remember that we will be finishing this book around July 17 (leave your availability in the comment section) so we'll be starting a new book soon.


  1. This will be an interesting read! Any time works for me. Susan had mentioned wanting to do a 90 minute chat for our next book, so let's try to block off that amount of time if possible to dive into the chat!

  2. I'm down for this Sunday anytime in the afternoon p evening!

  3. I vote for p o'clock on Sunday.

  4. Lol, p=/ looks like the emoticon for someone sticking out their tongue while furrowing their brow, like the face someone makes while trying to thread a needle.

    Unfortunately, the bar exam has seriously harmed my chances of finishing the book on time, so I'm probably going to sit this chat out. Sorry, gang, but I will have plenty of time for the next one!