Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reminder: Across The Universe Chat

We are 9 days away from our "June 24ish" end date for Across The Universe, I just want to check in to and make sure everyone will be ready for it.

Since we haven't decided an exact date and or time, I'm gonna suggest a few for the weekend of the 24th and wait for your feedback.

Our last two chats have been on Sunday evenings, so I'll propose (1) Sunday June 26 at 5pm PST, and then for some variety (2) Thursday June 23 at 7pm PST or (3) Saturday June 25 at 9am PST.

Of course you are always welcome to suggest a different time, and we'll determine what works best for the majority.


  1. Any of those dates/times is fine by me!

  2. Thursday is bad for me I have a test the next day. The other two times are fine. I think the Saturday might be better. I will be ready!

  3. Any of those works for me, and now I have neither rehearsals nor assignments to distract me.

  4. Ok, it's between Sunday at 5pm or Saturday at 9am. Any final readers want to give input?

  5. lets go for Sunday at 5pm. Make sure you confirm with Amanda or I that you will be there so we can get you into the chat.